Product Selection Tool

This easy-to-use product selection tool is organised by amperage

STEP ONE:  Select the tab your amperage requirement falls into.

STEP TWO:  Review the features of each of the products.

STEP THREE:  Click the link to the product that matches your requirements.





  • Amperage ratings are stated per position and based on all positions being fully loaded.
  • Evaluate and test all connectors thoroughly to ensure they are appropriate for your specific applications.
  • UL amp rating:  Consult temperature rise charts for details.
  • CSA amp rating is based on a 30C rise.
  • Quantity of Position equal to “1+” signifies that the parts are stackable.
  • Many of the mm² wire sizes are based on commonly used wire sizes. See the catalogue for exact mm² wire sizes.
  • SB, SBS, SBE, SPEC Pak, PowerMod and Power Clip are registered trademarks of Anderson Power Products, Inc.