SBS™ Multipole Finger Proof

High power and auxiliary connections in a single compact housing.
2 power contacts rated to 110 amps and 4 auxiliary contacts rated to 20 amps.
Recommended for use with hazardous DC voltages up to 600 volts.
The male signal contacts provide a 4 stage sequential mating system and first-break last-earth relative to the power contacts.
UL rated for hot plugging under load making them perfect for battery applications.
The SBS™75X’s slim, ergonomic housing is contoured to fit the operator’s grip allowing for greater ease in connection / disconnection. Moulded side grooves allow secure panel mounting while using minimal real estate.
More than 10,000 mating cycles.
Flame resistant UL94 V0) material.

Available as a Cable to Cable connectors and soon to be released there will be a PCB version.

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Chemical Resistant SBS™
(50 to 75 amps)


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