Powerpole® are single pole high-power DC connectors produced by Anderson Power Products® in a wide range of colours. An endless variety of combinations of colour and quantity to be configured by the end user and connectors can be matched to cables.

Powerpole® are available in several sizes with current ratings from 15 to 350 amps. Connectors of the same physical size can be joined together by means of moulded-in dovetails on the sides of the housings. Whereas our SB® battery connectors are mechanically keyed to avoid different voltages being inadvertently interconnected, Powerpole® are designed for applications where the versatility of connecting different colours, perhaps for different equipment, polarity or power rating is a unique feature. Locking versions are available for additional security in critical situations where there must be no chance of inadvertent disconnection.

Despite assembly requirements being simple, complex multi-pole combinations can be built using a minimum number of parts.

The Anderson flat wipe system used in the SB battery connector range is also used in the Powerpole® range and many of the contacts are inter-changeable between ranges. It allows for minimal contact resistance at high current as the wiping action cleans both contact surfaces during disconnection.

Fingerproof versions are available with the same high power ratings and 10 amps to 30 amps pin and socket first make / last break contacts can be fitted as alternatives.

The PPMX version can incorporate four signal contacts from 1 to 5 amps in the same size inter-connectable housing as well as first-break last-earth contacts in any combination.

Powerpole® use UL94 V-0 material and provide security in the knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict UL flammability ratings.

Powerpole and the APP Logo are registered trademarks of Anderson Power Products, Inc.

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