Multi Axial Rotational Connector (MARC)

Power and signal up to 40 amps.

Panel mount with float capability designed to mate whilst travelling through an arc. It enables blindmating from 2 independently rotating axes with 100 degrees of error correction ensuring proper mating. It has been successful in mobility scooter, medical and power electronics applications.

1 to 8 contacts and up to 2 earth contacts integrated into a blindmate housing. This 2 row horizontally oriented connected uses APP’s industry leading flat wiping contacts and can be configured with 8 standard length contacts or 6 standard length contacts and 2 pre-mate ground contacts.

Blind mate.

The MARC is rated to 10,000 + mating cycles and is constructed of PBT plastic, making it extremely rugged and durable.

Hot pluggable.

Flame retardant and chemical resistant.

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