Euro Battery DIN

Fully inter-connects with more expensive competing connectors.

Simpler than alternative connectors with an innovative, cost effective contact carrier for easy assembly.

80, 160 and 320 amp versions.

Exceed all the requirements of DIN 43589-1 and EN 1175-1.

IP23 protection.

Acid resistant, Impact resistant, Temperature resistant.

5,000 connect / disconnect cycles.

Contacts are pure copper with silver plating for maximum conductivity, low volt drop and superior electrical performance.

Universal voltage keying for wet or dry cell batteries.

Mating compatibility for air tube, pilot and auxiliary contact over and above the DIN 43589-1 compatibility of housing and main contacts.

Strong comfortable handle reduces breakages and is ergonomically designed for ease of use and disconnect.

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Euro DIN Range

80 Amp Euro DIN Connectors

160  Amp Euro DIN Connectors

160 and 320 Amp Euro DIN Connectors

320 Amp Euro DIN Connectors