Product Info for Cables, Looms & Accessories

Cables, Looms & Accessories

Torberry sells and manufactures many accessories such as end caps, handles, covers, crimp tables, crimp tooling and jump leads to complement the Anderson range. Cable can be supplied cut to your length or on reels.
Kitting and cable harness development and manufacture is carried out for multi-nationals as well as smaller companies, mainly high-specification lower-volume work, often incorporating custom manufactured items such as cases for connections and fuses.
Various golf trolley accessories including a full range of trolley batteries, ready-made replacement looms and the up-market Golf Glider trolley are supplied.

Crimp Tooling

A full range of crimp tooling is stocked for small and high volume applications.

Crimp Tables

Our own design crimp table reduces operator fatigue, substantially increases throughput and facilitates consistent quality.

Jump Leads

Very high quality jump leads. The quality and durability are far above the standard typically seen in retail outlets. We are happy to produce these to your required cable gauge and length with a range of connectors available as terminations.


Torberry produces various kits for multi-national companies, particularly in telecommunications applications. We work closely with design and installation engineers and assemble complex cable assemblies. Kits often include custom designed components such as cases, plates, brackets and fixings. We will be happy to quote to produce these in any quantity, size or complexity. Engineers dealing with major installations find that our fast response, flexibility and high level of commitment removes much of the worry of routine cabling hardware development from them, leaving them to concentrate on function.

Cable Harnesses

Manufactured to your requirements in small or large quantities with a wide range of terminations and cable sizes.

End caps, covers etc

We have a range of dip moulded covers manufactured to suit our connectors. These keep assemblies together and provide splash proof protection.

Aluminium brackets

Hold specific connectors or combinations onto panels, boards or equipment.

Golf Glider Trolleys

These trolleys have a lifetime guarantee on the chassis and we consider them to be second to none in quality.