Anderson Airmotive produces and offers the largest selection of qualified plugs, cable assemblies and receptacles covering all commercial and military requirements for 28VDC, 270VDC, 80VDC, 200Vac and 400 VAC. They are designed to be simple to assemble in the field, durable and cost effective with many accessory options.

Anderson Airmotive is the only manufacturer with a complete line of QPL’d (MIL-C-7974D) plugs as well as over-moulder AC and DC power connectors and cable assemblies. They have all passed the stringent US and Canadian QPL tests and is also approved to German VG 85211 and meets ISO461-1 and ISO461-2.

Portable plugs and receptacles moulded in a proprietary synthetic elastomer.  They are resistant to moisture and chemicals and stand up to severe wear and tear.

Power contacts are silver-plated machined copper and can be crimped or soldered.