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Torberry has been the main UK distributor for Anderson Power Products® since 1971. Anderson™ is the world leader in high current and waterproof DC connectors for power electronics, rail, transportation, military, electric vehicles, materials handling, golf trolleys, battery back-ups, uninterruptible power supplies, and alternative energy applications such as solar and wind power.

The SB® range of multi-pole battery connectors from 50 to 450 amps uses the Anderson flat-wiping contact system. They are used in a wide range of applications such as materials handling, fork truck charging, jump leads, telecommunications, rail industry, military, power electronics, the medical industry, back-up systems, off road DC power, temporary traffic lights and many others. Continuous materials development ensures that Anderson is the market leader due to the product’s superior quality. Fully compatible European DIN standard connectors are manufactured as an alternative to the SB® range.

SPEC Pak® is a new IP68 waterproof family of connectors that offers a wide range of power, earth and signal from 1 to 260 amps in environmentally sealed shells. Numerous configurations are available. These connectors will replace traditional circular connectors at much lower cost and are finding many applications in harsh environmental conditions.

Powermod HP® is a very high quality high-current latched connector where a secure, rugged connection when an attractive design is required.

Let us quote for your cable harness and crimping work with no minimum order. Our prices are very competitive and it saves you the cost of potentially expensive tooling. Torberry produces kits and cable assemblies in large quantities for multi-nationals, as well as small custom orders.

:SB, SPEC Pak, PowerMod, Anderson Power Products, APP and the APP Logo are registered trademarks of Anderson Power Products, Inc.


SB50 Two Pole Anderson Connector
From:  £2.50